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BLUE JACK:Innovation hub of the legal market

Blue Jack is an innovation space dedicated to the development of technological solutions for the legal market. We provide a collaborative environment between startups, companies, legal departments and investors, contributing and building new products, identifying pains and mapping business opportunities.

We offer solutions for the different players in the Legal ecosystem:


If you want to undertake the development of solutions for the law market, Blue Jack is the perfect place for you. Bring your Legaltech to Blue Jack or build your startup with us, in a collaborative environment and with the support of our team and our entire network of mentors who will help you scale your business.


Tired of having to adapt generic solutions to your company's reality? In our Corporate program, we have developed a customized solution for the problem of your legal department, enabling a benchmark with large companies and interaction with a team of entrepreneurs that will revolutionize your day to day.


Innovating in a traditional market such as legal is not an easy task. If you want to participate in this revolution, but do not know how, come to our nest and we will help you in this endeavor. Our talks, courses and workshops, online or in person, will give you all the tools you need to put your ideas into practice.


For investors looking for an investment opportunity in Lawtechs with great potential for growth and profitability, or for entrepreneurs looking for investment to leverage their business, Blue Jack Ventures has a team of experts to offer the necessary support for success of your endeavor.

Courses and events


In a world that is increasingly turning against time, innovating is surviving. With technological evolution and the shared economy as protagonists of this movement, new markets are emerging and the more traditional ones need to reinvent themselves. But this reinvention must take place in a sustainable, inclusive and responsible manner. Innovation reverencing origins. We have the Law in our DNA, but the innovative spirit circulates in our veins. We want to provide the union of good ideas and people with a disruptive mentality, offering opportunities and all the necessary support for business development with exponential growth potential. We believe that with technology, dedication, focus and hard work we can revolutionize the market, always being one step ahead of changes.

Collaboration. Work. Future.Come fly with Jack!

Jack, our mascot, is a "Gralha Azul", bird symbol of the biome of the southern region of Brazil, which stands out for its intelligence and dissemination character. And our relationship with this bird goes far beyond the beautiful tree that enhances the facade of our headquarters. Gregarious, the Blue Rooks like to fly in flocks and are known for their role in sowing araucaria forests. In times of abundance, the blue jackdaw works hard burying the pine nuts it finds to have something to eat in the future and, in the process, several new araucarias end up germinating.


In addition to our internal multidisciplinary team, Blue Jack has partnerships with a wide network of Advisors, with experience in the most different market segments and who can provide the insights, advice and tips needed to boost our ecosystem.